Canton Fair: Exploring China's International Trade Legacy and Future with Jiangmen Meiao


On October 15, the 134th Canton Fair officially opened. Do you really understand the Canton Fair? Next, I will introduce you to the Canton Fair from two aspects: history and development. The Canton Fair, the full name of China Import and Export Fair, is one of China's major international trade fairs. It is recognized as an important window for China`s foreign economic and trade and an important platform for Chinese enterprises to carry out international trade, cooperation and exchanges. The following is the history and development of the Canton Fair:

History background:

The history of the Canton Fair can be traced back to 1957, when it was called the "China Export Commodities Fair" and was one of the important trade events after the founding of New China. In 1957, the Chinese government decided to hold the first Canton Fair in Guangzhou to promote China's import and export trade. Since then, the Canton Fair has become an important platform in China's international trade field.

Development Process:

Initial development (1957-1978): Since 1957, the Canton Fair has been held for several consecutive sessions, attracting domestic and foreign enterprises and purchasers. But during the Cultural Revolution, the Canton Fair was suspended.

Since the reform and opening up (1979 to present): With the implementation of China's reform and opening up policy, the Canton Fair was resumed in 1979, and its scale and influence have gradually expanded. The Chinese government has positioned the Canton Fair as an important platform to promote international trade, attracting more and more international buyers and sellers.

Held in phases and in layers (2007 to present): In order to better respond to market demand and optimize services, the Canton Fair has been held in phases and in layers since 2007, with one session each in spring and autumn. The staged and hierarchical model helps exhibitors display products in a more targeted manner and also makes it easier for buyers to find the products they need.

Digitalization and internationalization (in recent years): With the development of information technology, the Canton Fair is also constantly promoting digitalization, providing services such as online exhibitions and exhibitor databases. At the same time, the Canton Fair is increasingly attracting exhibitors and buyers from all over the world and has become an international trade event.

Impact and significance:

The Canton Fair has become an iconic event for trade between China and the world. It helps promote international trade, guide the global market, improve the international competitiveness of Chinese manufacturing, and also allows Chinese companies to better integrate into the global supply chain. Through the Canton Fair, Chinese companies have the opportunity to connect with global buyers and promote their products and services.

In general, the development history of the Canton Fair marks the continuous opening and development of China's foreign trade, and also reflects the rise and growth of China in the field of international trade. The history and future development of the Canton Fair will continue to influence the global economic and trade pattern.

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